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Coca Cola Products

For God, Country, and Coca-Cola For God, Country, and Coca-Cola

For God, Country and Coca-Cola is the unauthorized history of the great American soft drink and the company that makes it. From its origins as a patent medicine in Reconstruction Atlanta through its rise as the dominant consumer beverage of the American century, the story of Coke is as unique, tasty, and effervescent as the drink itself. With vivid portraits of the entrepreneurs who founded the company-and of the colorful cast of hustlers, swindlers, ad men, and con men who have made Coca-Cola the most recognized trademark in the world-this is business history at its best: in fact, "The Real Thing."
Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide (Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide)Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide (Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide)

Petretti’s Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide has been called the “bible” of Coca-Cola collectibles—and with good reason! This impressive 11th edition of the hobby’s standard reference depicts, describes, and values more Coca-Cola Company marketing, advertising, and promotional items than any other published source. The new volume covers items produced from the 1880s through the 1960s, and includes 96 full-color pages; photos and descriptions of previously undocumented items; up-to-date pricing information; and revised guidelines for collectors.
The Real Thing The Real Thing

Coca-Cola has become such a ubiquitous American symbol such that it's often hard to distinguish where mere substance ends (its formula is a secret as closely held as military stealth technology) and its seductively overwhelming marketing begins.
Coca Cola ChessCoca Cola Chess

Ultimate game of stretegy features Red Coca Cola team led by Santa, matching wits with the White Coke team headed by the Polar Bear.
1:64 Scale NASCAR Die-Cast and Plastic Vehicle: Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Coca-Cola)1:64 Scale NASCAR Die-Cast and Plastic Vehicle: Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Coca-Cola)

Action Performance Companies, Inc. produces the most respected racing collectibles in the industry today. Our product lines benefit from ten years' experience in the design, manufacture, and marketing of racing merchandise. In that time, we have gained the trust and admiration of drivers, teams, fans, and collectors because of our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. That's why the top teams and drivers in racing trust their official licenses to Action! Take a look at the wide variety of products Action has to offer!
Monopoly Coca-Cola Collector's EditionMonopoly Coca-Cola Collector's Edition

Coke adds life--to Monopoly, that is--in this special edition of the Parker Brothers property trading game. The corner squares (Go, Go to Jail, etc.) are traditional, but everything else about the game pays tribute to Coca-Cola and the various items used to market it over the last century. Instead of buying streets, you buy memorabilia, ranging from 1970s bell-bottoms to a 1920 lead glass bottle to the "Park Avenue" of Coke collectibles--an 1897 serving tray. Buy 'em up--and jack up the "rent" with six-packs (houses) and vending machines (hotels). Even the pewter tokens and Monopoly money are designed with the Coca-Cola fan in mind.
Coca Cola Wipe-off Memo Board with Coke Magnets & Dry Erase MarkerCoca Cola Wipe-off Memo Board with Coke Magnets & Dry Erase Marker

What a great way to keep organized and up to date! An excellent addition to any kid's room or mom's kitchen.
Coca Cola Checkers in a TinCoca Cola Checkers in a Tin

Hand sculpted bottle caps replace traditional red and black checkers. The red Coca-Cola team versus the white Coke team.
Coca-Cola UNOCoca-Cola UNO

Two American classics, UNO, America's Number One Brand of Family games, and Coca-Cola the world's best selling soft drink brand combine to quench game play thirst with UNO the Coca-cola Edition. The completely customized cards feature classic iconic Coca-Cola art from yesteryear. Some of the select cards incorporate actual classic Coke tray art right into the playing cards. Exclusive to this fine collector's edition is the Thirst card and rule. This will be sure to quench your desire to call UNO and win the game. To make it a complete collectible, UNO the Coca-Cola Edition is packaged in a deluxe collector tin.
Coca Cola Checkers in a TinClassic Coca-Cola Calendars

This new hardbound 176 page beauty of a library volume with colorful plastic laminated covers features 125 full color and 20 black and white very large, sharp photos of these gems. Its loaded with information including: Development of early printing and advertising, role of promotional materials in the early years of the Coca-Cola Company, Distributor Calendars, Bottler Calendars, Foreign Calendars, Home and Reference Calendars. A complete Guide For Collectors tells you what to collect, preservation and display of early calendars, protecting, restoration info, and a very complete grading guide. 1999 values are shown in 3 grades. A really beautiful and unique new reference that belongs in the collector's library.
Coca-Cola Collectible Santas (Collector's Guide to Coca Cola Items Series) Coca-Cola Collectible Santas (Collector's Guide to Coca Cola Items Series)

The Coca-Cola Santa is a familiar figure at Christmastime. This book features a history and current secondary market pricing for these traditional holiday collectibles. Includes Coca-Cola Sundblom art, print advertising, trays, bottles/cans, signage, figures, pins, plush and more..
Coca Cola Commemorative Bottles Coca Cola Commemorative Bottles

Quality paperback book helps you identify and value over 800 bottles which are beautifully pictured in full life-like color. Covers 8 oz and 10 oz bottles. A brief description of the bottle accompanies each entry. Well indexed for easy locating. A useful reference book.
The Sparkling Story of Coca-Cola The Sparkling Story of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is perhaps the most recognizable product in the world. "The Sparkling Story of Coca-Cola," a compendium of America’s favorite soft drink, is an entertaining account of the product that helped define the term "pop culture."
Coca-Cola Coca-Cola by Howard L. Applegate

A history of the world's most recognized company in photos from the archives of The Coca-Cola Company. Here are nostalgic photos of billboards, signs, bottling trucks, store fronts, soda fountains, bottling plants & more. The years of the depression, World War II, the 50s and the space age are all reflected in this impressive collection.

Coca-Cola Culture: Icons of Pop (Icarus World Issues)Coca-Cola Culture: Icons of Pop
(Icarus World Issues)

Gr. 10-12. This volume in the Icarus World Issues series is a fascinating collection of nine essays and one work of fiction focusing on the ways in which America's products, from cigarettes to movies to Disney World, have influenced the way other countries perceive the U.S.--and themselves in relation to us--as well as the way we perceive ourselves.
Wilson's Coca-Cola Price Guide Wilson's Coca-Cola Price Guide

This excellent reference for anyone interested in the wondrously broad range of Coca-Cola collectibles is now in its newly revised fourth edition! This book is filled cover-to-cover with approximately 2,000 bright, color pictures of the most sought-after Coca-Cola products ever made, from advertisements, trays, and bottles to haberdashery, jewelry, and amazing one-of-a-kind novelties, all with updated prices reflecting today's market. From its earliest offerings to a modern-day selection, Coca-Cola is well represented by this definitive text, which includes many of the rarest pieces from within the Coca-Cola Company's own archives. A useful and gloriously beautiful book!
Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottles (Schiffer Book for Collectors) Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottles (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Joyce Spontak, a baby boomer, has been involved in antiques and interested in advertising collectibles since childhood. She is devoted to Planter's Mr. Peanut, and she has co-authored two books on the subject. She recently began collecting and distributing miniature Coca-Cola bottles.
Classic Cooking With Coca-Cola Classic Cooking With Coca-Cola

Don't knock it. Try a couple of these recipes and you may begin to wonder if the secret ingredient in some of the best barbecues, salads, sides, and desserts from your favorite down-home restaurant or neighbor's kitchen is really Tab, Fresca, or Coke..
B. J. Summers' Pocket Guide to Coca-ColaB. J. Summers' Pocket Guide to Coca-Cola

The perfect pocket guide to identify all coca cola collectibles, a must have for the collector.
B J Summers Guide to Coca Cola B J Summers Guide to Coca Cola

Identification values of thousands of Coke products, this 4th edition book is a must have!
Coca-Cola 600 (Nascar)Coca-Cola 600 (Nascar)
by Eric Ethan

The complete history of the Coca Cola 600.
Price Guide to Coca-Cola CollectiblesPrice Guide to Coca-Cola Collectibles

The most complete price guide for coca cola there is! Inside this book you will find prices for everything from A-Z.
Coca-Cola Girls Coca-Cola Girls
by Chris H. Beyer

This is, says the publisher, "the first licensed Coca-Cola art book," and Beyer is a devout ad art collector whose hoard proliferated from one old Coke serving tray. So expect no trenchant analysis, let alone criticism, and nary a peep about that centennial fiasco new Coke from the text..
Coca-Cola Collectible Polar Bears (Collector's Guide to Coca Cola Items Series) Coca-Cola Collectible Polar Bears (Collector's Guide to Coca Cola Items Series)

Coca-Cola's Polar Bears from the popular advertising campaign of the 1990's are featured in this marvelous book. Features a complete history, plus secondary market pricing for collectibles from the ad campaign, including trays, bottles/cans, pins, figures, bean bags and plush.
The Soft Drinks Company Profile - Coca-Cola CoThe Soft Drinks Company Profile - Coca-Cola Co

Euromonitor’s soft drinks company profiles investigate what is driving the industry’s main players and evaluates their potential. Ideal for benchmarking competitive position and identifying strategic partners, these profiles follow a standardised format which allows them to be used as stand-alone studies or as part of our global soft drinks analysis.
De Courtivron's Collectible Coca-Cola Toy Tuckts: An Identification & Value GuideDe Courtivron's Collectible Coca-Cola Toy Tuckts: An Identification & Value Guide

Beautiful 240 page, hardbound library volume with laminated color covers. Contains more than 500 very large, full color, sharp life-like photos, each with the value (1995). Gorgeous photos of the trucks and in many cases, their original boxes. Major topics include Metalcraft, Smith-Miller, Buddy "L", Marx, North America, Europe, Japan and Asia, Modern Era / New Logo, Collectors' Editions, Racing Cars, Model Kits, Fantasy, Trains and Trolleys, and more. Model years run from 1931 to the 1980s. You'll find toy Coke trucks from all over the world. A very useful reference and a great volume to browse through.
Coca-Cola Collectible Cars & Trucks (Collector's Guide to Coca Cola Items Series)Coca-Cola Collectible Cars & Trucks (Collector's Guide to Coca Cola Items Series)

Noted Coca-Cola collector Kyle Foreman helped put together this fun book covering vintage and modern Coca-Cola-themed cars and trucks. Contains a history and secondary market pricing for cars, trucks, trains and other vehicles. NASCAR-licensed cars, international productions, airplanes, models and kits are also included.
Collector's Guide to International Coca-Cola BottlesCollector's Guide to International Coca-Cola Bottles

NEW - First Edition. Detailed Information on Collecting Coca-Cola Bottles from Around the World. How to Identify and Classify International Bottles. An Educational Geography Lesson on Every Country including Capitol, Population, Currency and Area. More than 200 Photographs of Bottles from all over the Globe. Information On Books and Collectors Clubs.
La Galaxie coca-colaLa Galaxie coca-cola

A great book by Jean-Pierre Keller, a must have for the avid coca cola collector.
The Coca-Cola 2001 Wall CalendarThe Coca-Cola 2001 Wall Calendar

The 2001 Coca Cola Collectors Wall Calendar.
Coca-Cola TraysCoca-Cola Trays
by William McClintock

Ever since 1897, when the first "Delicious and Refreshing" glasses of Coca-Cola were poured, Coca-Cola trays have become magnificent pieces of advertising art. The evolution of American popular culture is found in their images. From ribbons-and-lace girls of the late Victorian era through Roaring Twenties flappers, World War II war brides, and the working women of today, Coca-Cola has called upon images of glamour girls and girls-next-door to sell Coke.
Encyclopedia of Coca Cola Trays an UnautEncyclopedia of Coca Cola Trays an Unaut

Beautifully illustrated and extensively researched, this is the most complete guide ever published on this popular area of Coke tray collecting. Classic trays from 1897 through the 1960s are here, as well as recent trays from the 1970s through 1999, many never before published. In addition to over 370 trays from the United States, there are over 80 Canadian trays, over 60 Mexican trays, and over 60 trays from Italy, Germany, and several other countries.
Classic Coca-Cola Serving TraysClassic Coca-Cola Serving Trays
by Allan Petretti, Chris Beyer, Chris H. Beyer

Hardcover price guide to Coca Cola Trays.
Coca-Cola Dreaming: Vintage Outdoor Advertisement for America's Favorite Soft DrinkCoca-Cola Dreaming: Vintage Outdoor Advertisement for America's Favorite Soft Drink

36 full color pages of coca cola advertisement art, every collector is after this book, get it now while supplies last!
Coca-Cola 2002 CalendarCoca-Cola 2002 Calendar
by Jim Harrison

Coca Cola 2002 Collectors Calendar.
The 2000 Coca-Cola CalendarThe 2000 Coca-Cola Calendar
by Jim Harrison (Author)

Coca Cola 2000 Collectors Calendar.

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